Neena Rose is a character created, by the author of this page, as a means of therapy, to share her story from one human to another. 

Sometimes it is hard to freely and openly express ones true self with out the worry of simply over exposing yourself to a society that is so prone to toxicity and negative opinions. Neena Rose is a nom de plume, acting as a balancing beam to blur the line between reality and fiction. 

All of what you read and experience on this site is created by the Author of Neena Rose. The content of this site is based on true events and happenings that so many people can relate to; however names, places and circumstances may be altered to protect the integrity of the truth and everything that comes along with exposing it. 

Neena Rose was created to encourage the author to write freely from her own experiences and the hard lessons learned in life, without hinderance. This website/blog is an opportunity for Neena to present her creations as she uses poetry, prose and story telling to share her ups and downs, struggles with mental health, a journey of healing from past trauma and most importantly provide a positive space where those who resonate with Neena's story can feel safe, not so alone and hopefully motivated to keep going.


We hope you enjoy the stories she has to tell. We would love even more for our readers to respond, react and review this site with fairness, compassion and respect. 

Neena Rose